Napkin as a coffee and cake snack.

   User scenario.

   Stacked cups.

   Handling of Napkin.


Inflight tableware

Semester project
HfG Offenbach und LSG Sky Chefs
Cooperation with Ellen Heilmann

Napkin is served as a coffee or tea and snack-service. The set consists of a surface with bent corners instead of a normal plate. It reminds of the situation when you buy a piece of cake at the bakery or at the market and you get it fresh and tasty on your hand with nothing else than a napkin. One of the corners could be used as a handle, so when it is served the thumb lies on this corner and not on the plate as usual. The cup has a special collar. With this element you can hook the cup up to one of the corners. Napkin is deep-drawn and therefore stackable. The main advantage of the material PET is that you can bend it at the same spot again and again without tearing it.
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